.Shabaka – First Domain Name in Arabic


The world's first new top level domain to be launched will be .shabaka, or as they say in Arabic .شبكة (which means Internet). Arabic is the fifth largest language in the world and this domain name will allow the full Arabic experience on the internet. As Yasmin Ober from dotShabaka notes in the video below about this first domain name in Arabic, "My business card is all in Arabic, except the email...and this is just one of the challenges that .shabaka will resort".

dotShabaka: The World's First New Arabic Top-Level Domain

So when will it be launched? The contract was signed with ICANN one month ago, so we expect to see the Sunrise phase for special rights in September. For brand owners with interests in the Arabic countries I recommend that you translate your brand name into Arabic and queue your .شبكة domain name here. We will then submit it, when it launches.

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