Infographic: The Dot City Domain Map 2015


Which cities have their own top level domain? (Update 19.10.15)

We've done an updated infographic: Hundreds of new top level domains such as .nike, .baby, .blog and .christmas have been launched over the last years. We have examined one of the categories, which seems to be a success from the start - the dot city domains. 45 cities around the world have applied for their own dot city top level domain. Backed by local city councils, with expectations to rank high in Google ( is just more relevant than and supported by the local community their future looks bright. We have created an infographic, which will give you a quick overview of the 45 cities. Could your city be one of them? Most of the new dot city domains are European cities, but you will find dot cities in the US, Asia, Australia and Africa. Remember, this is only the first wave of dot city domains, so many will surely follow. Which cities have their own top level domain? .berlin .london .nyc .vegas .quebec .boston .miami .amsterdam .gent .brussels / .bruxelles .madrid .barcelona .hamburg .paris .stockholm .koeln / .cologne .helsinki .zuerich .moscow / .МОСКВА .istanbul .budapest .wien .abudhabi .dubai .capetown .durban .joburg .kyoto .melbourne .nagoya .osaka .yokohama .okinawa .tokyo .kyoto .taipei .sydney .rio

Dot City Domain Map
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