How do I register a .edu domain? You can’t – but here are four great alternatives


You might have heard about Coursera, the no. 1 place for free online classes or IMD, the world class Swiss business school.

While catering for different customer groups, they do have one thing in common: None of them are allowed to register a .edu domain! It might sound crazy given that both are renowned educational centres. However the .edu domain ending has been restricted since 2001 to "post-secondary institutions in the United States that are institutionally accredited". So while there is a and a, IMD, located in Switzerland, had to settle for the domain name No real alternative to .edu - until now .Org really has been the only alternative to .edu, however in my opinion it's too bland. It's too non descriptive. Any organisation uses this extension from NGOs to associations of any kind. could be whatever. But could there be more than one With the wave of new gTLDs there are finally some alternatives if you search for a domain name to a education website - without restrictions. If you plan to start up a new institute or simply want to do a domain rebranding (Use this 15 step guide to change your domain name), then don't despair anymore. Many new top level domains for education websites There are right now some great alternatives to .edu and one more to come out in the rest of 2015. .Degree The newest domain extension launched in January 2015. As it's a new one you can get some really nice keyword domains, e.g. The price is EUR 65 for a 1 year registration. .University For universities. A well known university such as Technological University of Americas has rebranded to Many others redirect their .university domain to their main site. The price is EUR 75 for a 1 year registration.

.Academy For any educational site. Some great examples are, and the school of hotel management The price is EUR 50. .Education Also in the same line as .academy. An example of its use can be found at The price is EUR 35.

Other extensions .College (29th Sept), .school, .mba and .courses (24th Sept). Study will come out Oct. 14. Conclusion The new gTLD programme has seen lots of extensions which have added little value compared to what already existed. Since the only real alternative to .edu until now has been .org, it's a great to see several new extensions catering to learning centres. So in the future for anyone who asks "how do I register a .edu domain?", then it's simply the wrong question to ask. There are now more descriptive domain endings for your university, golf academy, online classes or in-house educational programme than ever before.

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