.HIV – “The digital red ribbon” goes live


34 million people. This is the estimated number of people with HIV according to the World Health Organization. About one-half are women, and one-tenth are children younger than age 15. If you want to help with a worthy cause, then the fight against hiv certainly is one of those. And now there is a domain name to go with any campaign - .HIV. The first first and only social cause domain extension .HIV goes live on 26th August. It's the "Digital red Ribbon". Apart from making a profitable business, Any CEO should consider the company's Corporate Social Responsibility, and a .hiv domain name is the perfect way to make a difference. And there is a nice feature using a .HIV domain. It's more than just another web address. Every visit to a .HIV domain name triggers a donation, which is passed on to HIV projects around the world. These donations are made possible through dotHIV's (the registry) unique, inbuilt micro-donation capability, which is the main innovation of .HIV domain names. Every time a user clicks on a .HIV website, dotHIV donates 0.1¢ and thus releases funds to help support HIV projects across the globe. These micro-donations do not come at further expense to the user or the website owner.

Michael Twist, the CMO at dotHIV, comments that they have already seen registrations in the initial Sunrise phase for trademark holders from LinkedIn, Tumblr, Intagram, Microsoft and Amazon as well as some global leaders in the pharmaceutical industry. Michael adds that if you are a Not-For-Profit organisation working in the field of HIV/AIDS, then you will get the .HIV for free (send me an email to [email protected] for further info). Certain prolific sites about HIV, which use other domain name extensions have rebranded to a .HIV. From tomorrow Tuesday you can check the following for inspiration to perhaps your own initiative. - Sean is a very influential and well known Activist and the Director of The Sero Project - Alicia Keys US based HIV - influential community magazine New gTLDs out in week 35 .HIV .BLACK - 26.08.2014 .HAMBURG - 27.08.2014 .FURNITURE .DISCOUNT .FITNESS .SCHULE - 28.08.2014

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