Four new top level domains live this week (6-12.10.14)


These are hectic days in domain name country

New launches every week, some great ones and others where frankly I can't see any value for brand owners.

Last week saw the introduction of another geographic Top Level Domain .bayern, which means Bavaria in German. Bayern is the biggest region in Germany. And it got off to a great start with 21.000 registrations. Anyway this will be nothing compared to this week's most interesting one in my opinion - .nyc. Yes, New York will have their own top level domain. The 8th Oct. is officially a bad day for domainers who ran off with New York's best .com domains the first time. Wonder how many internet users have wasted their time typing in or in the browser for the last many years. However this time NYC brands have had two months to secure their rights, and with the go live on the 8th Oct. they will have another chance. If you have a local brand and still miss out, then there really is no excuse! While other dot city domains such as .berlin and .london can be registered by everyone,.Nyc is restricted to local residents and businesses. I think this is a fine rule. While .com surely is a great top level domain, then .nyc is simply better for local business. Period. First of all you don't have to have a long domain. Secondly, I'm absolutely certain that Google will rank .nyc domains for local search. While there has been no official statement from their side, they make a living showing the most relevant results. End of story. Dot city top level domains have had a pretty high acceptance rate these first months. .Berlin ranks as the second most registered top level domain with 139.000 registrations, .london ranks 7. And there have already been 350 launches of various extensions, so competition is intense. Right now only the ones ahead of the curve are building dot city identities, however at one point it will hit mass market, so if you read this now, you still have time to be ahead of the pack, and get some great .nyc domain names to build new, exciting brand platforms on. I wouldn't go about rebranding your .com website. I would use .nyc for a new local website for better promotion and branding. Three other top level domains are out this week: .attorney, .laywer and .city. A few comments about these. Regarding .attorney and .lawyer they go into the same grouping as .law. I'm convinced that only one of these will make it as a general top level domain for this business - and that's .law. Anyway, if you have a high profile brand or just want to stir attention as a first mover, then do go ahead and get one of these. .City could work in two ways: 1) Cities which share their name, and where they don't have the right .com domain name. E.g. is a hotel reservation site and Philadelphia is also a cream cheese. The official site isn't the most memorable URL in my opinion. 2) Shorten existing domains. Oh boy, there are many long, unmemorable, clumsy URLs out there... It's time to rebrand. What works better? or or or You get the picture. The new top level domains are great for branding and come hyphen (-) free! That's all from me right now. "Only" 2.6 million domains have been registered yet for the 350 new extensions. This is very small compared to .com with 114 million registrations. However, as stated above, they will take off when being accepted by the mass market. I talk to many young entrepreneurs, and they are not attached to .com in the same way that all us veterans are. New businesses will come out with a .bike, .london or .now, and it will slowly move new top level domains towards mass acceptance. The big question you should ask yourself is if you want to be proactive before everyone catches on. 99% of your competitors are still not aware of the potential, so you have a unique opportunity to get fantastic virtual real estate now.

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