February’s new domain extensions incl. .cloud


January was a quiet month with few new domain extensions: .swiss (only for Swiss organisations), .wine, .vin, .office, .family, .auto, .car and .cars. February has some very interesting launches. Check them out below: .Krd: This is the official top level domain for Kurds worldwide. See all nationality and regional domain extensions.

The most anticipated new top level domain this month. Any SAAS company needs to consider this extension. Companies such as Swedish cloud hosting software Atomia and Microsoft cloud provider Odin are early adopters.

If you're selling to pet owners, you might want to check out this new extension.

Another dot city extension is here. Kyoto is one of the bigger Japanese cities with 1.5M inhabitants. Only registrants with local affiliation can register. See all available dot city domain extensions.

Domain extensions entering Landrush
Landrush is a priority period, where you can secure your domain name, before the market opens. The domains will be premium priced. While .bet will set you back EUR 2.500 for the first year in Landrush, it only costs EUR 40, if you can wait. On the other hand the domains will be gone by then, so it's important to evaluate how important they can be for your business. Please contact us directly to hear more about this option.

.bet goes live 3rd March, however you can secure your domain names now in the Landrush.

.bible entered Landrush on 10th Feb. running until 2nd March. Will finally go live on 8th March.

Domain extensions entering Sunrise
Sunrise is a priority phase for trademark holders. This month .mom will enter Sunrise on the 24th Feb. Contact us for more details. To check availability and register go here.

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