February 2015 launches: These are the new domain endings


Below you will find the list of the 17 new domain endings which will launch in February 2015 incl. .poker, .yoga, .cricket and .sydney. All can be applied for now. Be aware of the different launch phases they are in. GoLive domains can be ordered directly in our shop. Please contact us regarding the rest: Founders programme: An early intro stage, where the registry seeks prolific partners to develop a website and help promote the programme Sunrise: For trademark holders who have had their trademark verified at the Trademark Clearing House.Landrush: Before GoLive a higher priced phase. Could include specific requirements. Early Access: A premium priced phase the last seven days before GoLive. GoLive: The official launch phase open for all. .FRL The Founders Programme / Landrush for .frl starts 2nd Feb. The GoLive date has yet to be announced. .Frl is the new domain ending for Friesland, which is a province in the North-West of the Netherlands. .FASHION Sunrise starts 4th Feb until 6th April.

.POKER Sunrise starts 5th Feb. Goes live 21st April. .LGBTGoes live 10th Feb. For the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgendered global community..CASA Goes Live 10th Feb. Means house in Spanish. .WORK Goes Live 10th Feb. .DELIVERYGoes Live 11th Feb. Early access from 4th-10th Feb. .ENERGY Goes Live 11th Feb. Early access from 4th-10th Feb. .GREEN Landrush from 12th Feb. .VOTE Goes live 17th Feb. Sunrise ends 12th Feb. .VOTO Goes live 17th Feb. Sunrise ends 12th Feb. Voto means vote in Spanish. .SYDNEY Goes live 17th Feb. Limited registration period ends 13th Feb. Sydney is Australia's second largest city with 5m inhabitants.

.PARTY Goes live 17th Feb. Sunrise ends 6th Feb. .CRICKET Goes live 17th Feb. Sunrise ends 6th Feb. .FIT Sunrise starts 18th Feb until 20th April. Trivia: Did you know that cricket is the 2nd biggest sports after soccer? 2.5bn supporters. Read our cover story here. .YOGA Goes live 17th Feb.

This ending looks very interesting for anyone in the yoga community. Brandon Dawson from the registry Minds+Machines comments that "One of our first goals is to help those people with yoga as the last part of their domain, so they can shave off some length of their existing domain and keep their existing brand image." There sure are many websites with endings (, etc.), who could get a more memorable domain name now. .TAIPEI Landrush from 23rd Feb. Sunrise for trademark holders ends 17th Feb. Taipei is Taiwan's capital. .SCIENCE Goes live 24th Feb. Sunrise ends 5th Feb.

In the interview with Andy Churley from Registry Famous Four Media, he mentioned this as one of his favourite domain extensions..DESIGN Sunrise starts 24th Feb until 28th April. .NRW Goes live 25th Feb. The new domain ending for German federal state North Rhine-Westphalia. Other top level domains currently in the Sunrise phase: .ALSACE, .COACH, .CYMRU, .WALES, .FLOWERS, .LEGAL, .MEMORIAL, .MONEY, .TIRES, .TIROL and .WHOSWHO.

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