DPML – The Least Expensive Way To Avoid Cybersquatting in The New gTLD Era


We now offer the DPML (the Domains Protected Marks List) service of the Donuts registry. The fee for a 5-year block across all Donuts TLDs is EUR 3,500. Please note that this fee is non-refundable if the block on a specific domain is overridden (please see explanation below). If you are interested in this service please contact us. Description of the DPML service In total there were 1930 applications for 1406 unique gTLDs. Donuts was by far the most prominent applicant, requesting to operate 307 new, generic TLDs - all open, dictionary terms. Donuts is planning to launch these new gTLDs using basically the following periods: Sunrise, Early Access Program (7 day period with a descending one-time Early Access fee) and General Availability. Currently, Donuts Inc. expects the Sunrise for 9 new gTLDs (.CAMERA, .CLOTHING, .EQUIPMENT, .GURU, .HOLDINGS, .LIGHTING, .SINGLES, .VENTURES, .VOYAGE) to begin soon. It can be very expensive to protect your trademark one by one for each top level domain. Therefore In order to prevent cybersquatting, Donuts offers the DPML as a special service to trademark owners. DPML enables brand owners to block their trademarks from registration at the second level across all Donuts' TLDs at a fraction of what it would cost to defensively register the terms in all of Donuts TLDs. You will pay an estimated EUR 2,50 per year for each domain name blocked. What is required by you to get the DPML? To use the service brand owners must have their trademark validated by the TMCH. That term is blocked from registration in all Donuts TLDs for an initial period of five years. A domain blocked by DPML is not functional, meaning it may not be used for a website URL, e-mail address or other type of domain related functionality. DPML OverrideDPML is designed to protect trademark holders from cybersquatting. It is not designed to limit other trademark holders. A DPML block on a specific domain may be overridden at any time, and the domain registered by any trademark owner with Sunrise rights to that domain. The party performing an override must have an exact match trademark for the domain and a valid signed marked data (SMD) file issued by the Trademark Clearinghouse (TMCH). There is a one-time override fee of EUR 120.00 per domain (non-refundable) plus the annual registration fee (pricing may be subject to change). DPML Availability The most value will have blocks activated prior to the first launch since registered domains cannot be blocked afterwards. However, the DPML service is also available after the new gTLDs of Donuts have entered Sunrise Phase. The first Sunrise phase will start on 6th Nov.

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