.Cricket domain – the 2nd biggest sport in the world gets their own domain names


If you sell tennis rackets in your web shop, then would be a greater domain name, than any .com variation you can get hold of today. If you have a website with videos, where you teach golfers how to make the perfect swing, then a domain name like is ideal to draw attention and get them signed up for your course. In the next blog posts we will focus on sports top level domains such as .golf, .ski, .tennis, .basketball etc. I have been a long time supporter of these new gTLDs. Besides having very passionate supporters, these type of domains live up to the success criteria : short, memorable and THE definition of a whole category. Can you think up an alternative word for tennis?

.cricket Domain Names are here

I have invited back Andy Churley from Famous Four Media (read the great info he provided in the last interview here), as FFM operates the new top level domain .cricket. He makes some very interesting points about .cricket domain names.

How do you calculate the market potential for a sports domain such as .CRICKET?

Calculating the market potential for sports gTLDs is never easy and can be very subjective. One of the main reasons for this is that ‘passion’ is an integral part of the equation and, in sports, passion can far outweigh normal common or business sense.

Take, for example, Sudhir Kumar Choudhrie a huge cricket fan who has turned up for every India home game in the past 10 years (over 200 games) with his body painted in the national colours of India, often riding to matches on his bicycle. On one occasion, he cycled from Muzaffarpur to Mumbai to watch a single game, a cycle trip that took him 21 days – that’s passion! While cricket may seem to be a ‘minority’ sport to a lot of people in Europe and America, it is actually the second most watched sport in the world with between two and three billion fans globally. Cricket is the most popular sport in the India subcontinent and, at Famous Four Media; we are expecting emerging economies such as the BRIC nations (Brazil, Russia, India and China) to be some of the early adopters of new gTLDs, partly because they have no legacy investment in .COM domain names. These nations will understand and select gTLD extensions and SLDs that exactly match the needs of the website connected to it. That coupled with the legendary passion for cricket indicates a healthy long term future for .CRICKET.

How do you see it used in a way that really adds value? Any novelty ideas as alternative to just replacing a .com domain?

As the registry management company for .CRICKET top level domain, Famous Four Media is really dependent upon the cricketing bodies such as the ECB, national sides, regional teams, amateur clubs, equipment manufacturers, service providers and of course the billions of fans spread across the globe to make .CRICKET their home online. One of the things that we currently plan to operate on .CRICKET is a directory service which will help cricket lovers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Is there a specific marketing plan for .CRICKET such as using cricket stars or partnering with cricket sites?

No sane registry operator would launch a gTLD without a marketing plan. Since Famous Four Media is a portfolio applicant for nearly 60 gTLDs we have plans for all of our strings. Unlike some registry operators, each marketing plan is unique to the gTLD and derives from the business plan and the market projections. It’s too early to talk definitively about our plans for .CRICKET yet but all of the above are on the table at this stage. With .CRICKET though, we will certainly be calling on the overriding passion for the game that is so evident in players and fans alike. To quote Harold Pinter, the Nobel Prize winning playwright, “I tend to think that cricket is the greatest thing that God ever created on earth - certainly greater than sex, although sex isn't too bad either.”

What is your goal with .CRICKET?

As any cricket fan will tell you, there are no goals with cricket! We want .CRICKET to become a vibrant and dynamic name space for all aspects of cricket online. Famous Four Media is looking for more than just names in the registry; we want these names to resolve to active websites, blogs, news sites and forums. Just like the game itself (some of which can last up to 5 days), Famous Four Media is in .CRICKET for a long innings and, while we would love to hit a few boundaries, our overall aim is maintain a steady run rate.

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