These 87 sites dropped their .com for a smarter new TLD (New data)


87 cool examples of businesses, which changed their web address

+700 new top level domains (TLDs) launched over the last 1.000 days. The list of top level domains has tripled over the last three years. Fact: It has never been easier to find the right domain name for your business - but it has also become more complicated with so many choices. Whether your current domain isn't the perfect fit anymore, or you search for the ideal domain name for your startup, then you've come to the right place. We now list 87 cool examples of businesses, which changed their web address from one of the classic domain extensions (e.g. .com, .net, etc.) to the best TLD available for them - one of the brand new domain extensions.

You will meet the veterinarians who switched from the tongue-twister 27 characters .org domain to a six letters .vet, which even your will remember. The real estate agent who ditched a 20 characters .com including a hyphen (-) for a new TLD. And the pop sensation, who converted from a .com to a domain name 100% in Chinese. A good thing when your fan base is Chinese... So jump onboard for a trip around the world and see how companies use the new TLDs to their advantage. We got them all here: digital agencies, vodka makers, online trading platforms, real estate agents and restaurants.


1. (

Established in 2012 Bulgarian Dekora Concept Store fell in love with .fashion and switched from their .com domain and saved a lot of characters in the process.

2. (

What's the buzz? Digital producer Access Fashion Media is mostly known for their flagship Access Runway. They needed a new domain extension, which would reflect the frantic state of the fashion world. In 2014 they therefore moved from .com to .buzz for each of their FashionWeek websites.

3. (

Risurisu is a beautiful clothing collection in 100% organic cotton for children from 0-8 years. Feeling closer to the city of Paris than France they rebranded from .fr to .paris. Other examples of use are: (Fashion in Spanish) Australian brothers and models Zac and Jordan Stenmark's site (Formerly Cool clothing for boys based on the "spiritual warrior" philosophy)

Financial Services

4. (

Until now there have only been a couple of examples of Dot Brand users. We have seen a couple of sub sites out there (,,, but this is the first Dot Brand applicant which goes all-in. Barclays Bank, the UK's largest bank, made the move to new Home.Barclays in June 2015. Saxo Bank in Denmark made the same move in October 2016 now at Prepare for many other Dot Brand launches from now on..

5. (

Located in El Paso, US, Sierra Finance provides financing solutions. They didn't manage to get, however they didn't blink twice when the opportunity to get Sierra.financearose. It's still too early for any .bank examples, however as the first bank Kansas city based Lead Bank announced that they will skip their .com and use after the summer. When .bank went live in June '15 an impressive number of 3.000 applications from financial institutions were received for .bank domain names on day one and .bank now totals 5.000 registrations. “Judging by the interest we’ve received to date, I suspect we may see some banks using .bank as their primary domain name as early as 2015 and certainly by 2016", says Craig Schwartz (CEO of fTLD Registry Services).

Real Estate

6. (

Black Sea Estates, located in Notting Hill, advises clients on luxury property sales and lettings in London. Inspiration for other real estate agents to use a dot city TLD? Check all dot city TLDs in this infographic.

7. (

Bay Area real estate agent Rob Sullivan found the perfect .estate domain and chopped off eight characters of his former domain name.

8. (

Boise real estate broker Steven Young is one of many real estate agents, who now use .realtor. This TLD is actually in the top 10 of most registered new domain extensions. While .realtor has been the preferred choice among real estate agents, we have seen other extensions used creatively. Examples include, (Italian real estate agent) and (Spanish property listing). As a side note for house) enables house sellers to cut out the middleman.


9. (

Off-set printing company PRINT NW went from a dull .net to the self boosting "We thought about alternatives, but we didn't want to be limiting, and we wanted something that people would remember" as their spokesperson told me on twitter. Even rock bands .rocks! UK band Inertia can now be found at

10. (

Many players in the business cards industry have secured their .cards domain. Nneyah Cards went one step further and changed their web address from to

11. (

.Ink is one of the new extensions, where we have seen lots of creative uses. To mention a few: Tattoo shops, tattoo removal services (e.g., copywriters ( and not least printing companies. Doomd Ink offers same-day delivery of t-Shirt printing from their HQ in Colorado.

12. (

Essex Safety Glass is one of UK's leading glass manufacturers. They chopped off 13 characters of their domain name in one go, and now have a domain name as sharp as their product.

13. (

They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks. However it didn't stop 33 year old cycle clothing manufacturer Lusso to skip for a sparkling new

Local Events and Landmarks

14. (

Ready for a word association test? I say Paris, you say ...... Tour Eiffel found it's new digital home at What will be the next landmark to get a local dot city domain?, or...?

15. (

Boasting the largest mirrors made out of a single piece in Europe the Café Savoy has been an institution in Vienna for more than 100 years. You can see more .wien examples in the blog post .Wien Case Study – 5 scenarios where a dot city TLD is better.

16. (

Dot city domains for local events? Not only a frontrunner in arts the Melbourne festival were an early adopter of the new domain ending .melbourne.

17. (

Infoengine is a Welsh search engine. Being able to change from to made them so happy that they had to tweet about it. Several Welsh businesses have already adopted .wales and .cymru.


18. (

Rostrum Communications is a UK top 100 PR agency located in London. They dropped Communications in their brand name and the .com domain for a razor sharp Director Mark Houlding explains, why they rebranded: "The streamlined brand identity reflects our strategic focus on providing a wider range of services to clients including PR, social, content marketing and research. Our slimline new brand is a small but significant change for Rostrum as an agency." Chris Cunningham is on the same page: “Refreshing our brand is an invigorating way for us to clearly send that message to the world". His digital agency Shiny rebranded from to Chicago based 160 person agency Upshot changed from to Brian Kristofek, the company’s president and CEO says: “The thing is that there is very little risk in doing it. A lot of the people looking for you will just do a search and find it. When they see it, they won’t be confused at all. They’ll see how much sense it makes.”

19. (

South African agency and Cannes lion winner BNRY. launched in 2009 on a Working in the field of "connecting brands to the real world by by using digital solutions" they came to realise that .digital told their story better than the old domain extension.

20. (

Beach London is a physical space for a group of illustrators and designers helping out global brands. And they even have a shop, where you can buy cool posters, designed parcel tape and funny pins.

21. (

ExtraBold is a graphic design agency based in Scotland led by creative Paul Williams. He says, "the .design name would do exactly what I wanted - the shortest descriptive domain I could get, which would be great for promotional use - so it was a no-brainer. The only downside I can see are that many people are currently unfamiliar with these new TLDs and are liable to think they're written incorrectly or not genuine.... but I'm sure this will improve over time". Many creatives have jumped on the .design bandwagon. Want to check more examples? This top 50 list will inspire you.

22. (

Fat Beard is a full-service marketing and advertising firm in the Las Vegas area specializing in Branding headed by Danny "Fat Beard" Ballard. Do you get your clients locally, then a dot city TLD is a good solution. Other creative examples of use are: (a NY based copywriting agency) (Webdesigner Sharon Jackson's platform) (Formerly Serbian agency founded in 2010 and now with operations in the US)

Photography / Video Production

23. (

Behold Photography, a photo agency in Wisconsin, US, is only one of many examples of professional photographers' new platform. They used to be found at the less memorable

24. (

Wedding photographers Jacob Murphy and Erion Prado together with styling artist Ash Orzol will help make your wedding more memorable. Check their video introduction below. They decided for a short and sweet .photo domain to tell their story. Other examples of use by photographers are by John Rink, a wedding videographer, which displays the portfolio of photographer Roderick Burkhardt and, new home of this New York based film producer.


25. (

In the legal space there are several new TLDs available. One of the first to change was the 100 years old Chilean law firm Alessandri. They skipped the .com for their international site to instead.

26. (

The law firm of Rudinski, Orso and Lynch went from a .com with not one but two hyphens (Hyphens are also known as the "dash of death" among domain experts). Williamsport is their geographical market located in Pennsylvania, US.

27. (

Attorney Erick Block saw an opportunity to "own" the geographic term of his district, and changed his business name + .com for the geo + .attorney. An idea for other lawyers? Other legal firms worth mentioning is renowned Gerold Zeiler's new law firm Zeiler Partners in Germany ( and Griffin & Associates in Tampa Bay (

Sports (

Future Legends Berkshire teaches kids how to excel at cricket and have fun in the process. Nigel Bruce from Future Legends says "We're passionate about cricket, so when the chance came to change our web address, we grabbed it with both hands! Our new url was more memorable and accurately reflected our business, as we look forward to the new season".

29. (

“This is uber betting on sports,” according to Ray Ranson, the CEO of London Sport Exchange Ltd. He's planning to turn his Internet-based sports finance exchange into a $750 million platform to lure asset managers into lending to soccer clubs ranked below investment grade. He started out by replacing with .Exchange has become a favourite among trading platforms. Other examples include, a New Zealand startup offering an online exchange platform for proportionally-owned assets and an exchange platform for crypto currencies.

30. (

This example is borrowed from Name.Kitchen, which I can recommend for more examples of new TLD sites. Geoff Stevens is a 42-year-old professional fly-fishing guide from Dubois, Wyoming. In this video he explains why he changed his web address to

Small Business Profile: "I Am"

31. (

.Club has become very popular with sports clubs, night clubs, associations, subscription sites, fan clubs and much more. However the golf world in particular have taken a liking to this new ending. Antrobus Golf Club, based in Cheshire, UK, is just one of many golf clubs which now uses a .club. Other examples are courses such as and, golf teachers ( and even golf babes at

32. (

The fitness industry has some new domain options available - in particular .fitness and .fit. Based in Hersham, UK, fitness centre Inferno Fitness ditched their .com and got the matching domain name in April '15.

33. (

The Blackfelt poker team saw a way to brand themselves clearer, when .poker came out. Patrick Scott, the founder, comments that "when I was coming up with a name for my poker website, I fell in love with The only issue with the URL is that it seemed just a bit too long. As soon as I got wind of .poker becoming available, I marked my calendar, and set a reminder in my phone to purchase my .poker TLD! I honestly feel honored to be able to say I'm part of the dedicated .poker space on the internet. Plus, .poker just sounds cool!".

34. Sport.Wales (

Sport Wales' mission is to get every child in Wales hooked on sport for life and to create a nation of sporting champions. .Wales was the obvious choice when it came out. Adam from Sport Wales adds that "Our record medal winning athletes from Glasgow ensured that Wales shone on the world sporting stage. But we want to ensure that we make the same impact on the global digital landscape, and that is why we are thrilled to adopt the .cymru and .wales domains". They also secured the Welsh version


35. (

Until now only .edu catered to educational entities, and that one was restricted to US accredited schools. Public school Lionsgate Academy profited the new endings available dropping their .org and can now be found at

36. (

The University of Granada is the fourth highest ranked Spanish university and the preferred European destination for Erasmus students. José Luís Bernier, the IT manager explains that "We use for the English language version, which earlier was a direct translation of the Spanish content. Now the content is written by international graduates at our university based on their experience and view from their cultural sphere. It was therefore decided to use the domain .university to distinguish it from the main website".

37. (

Located in Fort Lauderdale, US, the International Preschool Curriculum (IPC) trains over 500 teachers per year. They changed from tongue-twister to the concise Other examples of the use of educational TLDs are (A bitcoin currency exchange for education) and - a primary school. Schule is school in German.

Health Care

38. (

Formerly known as Esnf ( New York based telemedicine provider Triple Care's new domain name was an important part of their rebranding strategy.

39. (

The website of French startup Bresse Healthcare - the first marketplace in the world for health applications.

40. (

Treating animals since 1947 Oregon based veterians Animal Health Associates got a memorable, short domain - Woof! Jim Johnson, Practice Manager comments "Actually, we changed our domain name not specifically because of the new extension, but simply because that allowed us to have a shorter name in general. Our domain used to be, which is hard to type, hard to spell over the phone, etc. When the new domain names became available we were able to snag which is obviously much easier to work with".

41. (

Health coach Louis Vitiello Jr. took the simple step to move his eight weeks' weight loss programme from to Louis remarks that "Since I am a Board Certified Health Coach, I felt it was appropriate to redirect my .com to a more suitable .coach address. At this point, I do not tend to retire the .com and may end up using the .com for more commercialized, digital products while keeping the face-to-face appointment settings on the .coach".

42. (

Another example of creative use of domains for weight loss programmes is formerly known as A mixture of appetite suppressant pills and fat burning drops is their cocktail to get rid off that fat. Another example of use is, the website of the Austin Regional Clinic based in Austin, Texas.


43. (

UK based Mother is a CRM system, a workflow/task/project management system, and financial management system, all in one. They changed web address from to

44. (

Australian Foxwell skipped their for a .tools. They offer scanning tools to enable automotive repair professionals to accurately diagnose and repair faults. They're also thinking outside of the box, when it comes to "hiring best-of-breed".

Other examples of use are (provides intelligent building technology solutions), (Offers a bunch of open source products) and (designs software solutions for the financial sector).


45. (

Boom Media is a St. Louis, U.S.-based news, advocacy and community publication serving the LGBT community. Publisher Colin Lovett on the domain change: “Not only does the nomenclature of the .LGBT domain represent the community we serve, but because we provide LGBT-specific content, this top-level domain will drive users searching for this content to our site.”

Food, Drinks and Beverages

46. (

The Wright opened up for business at New York's Guggenheim museum in 2009. With a 20+ Zagat rating this upscale restaurant is a perfect place to have lunch when visiting the Big Apple. They changed their web address to in 2014. Simple and precise.

47. (

Driftaway is a subscription based coffee club, where you get a monthly supply of coffee customized for your particular taste. Scott from Driftaway says about the domain change: "We also liked how the domain makes us different, because we are. Many companies have .com and .net extensions, which is fine. We’re not just a commercial business, though. We’re coffee roasters who are passionate about all things coffee. Prior to April 2014, we were at, which was alright. Driftaway.Coffee, however, really describes what we’re about".

48. (

Scratchtown Brewing Company is one of Nebraska's newest breweries launched two years ago. Specialised in using only four simple ingredients (water, malt, hops and yeast) making complex and delicious beers. OK, deep breath... they used before. Now it's

49. (

Launched in 2013 by a couple of friends in New Zealand Triple Rock Vodka is now at .vodka after a short stay at

50. (

Mark Holdsworth produces London's finest gin. He says "I was one of the first to get a .london. I am born and bred here and did not want to miss it for the world".

Other good examples are Lori and Scott Harlig's catering service and, Stonyfield’s Milk Sourcing Initiative.


51. 周杰伦.中文网 (

Jay Chou is a Chinese pop star. He moved his fan club to a 100% Chinese domain name from a Latin characters .com. Credit to Pinky Brand for this example.


51. (

UK based Jermyn Consulting offers business continuity and information security advice. In October 2015 they changed to the meaningful domain from A nice hack! George Hall, director at Jermyn Consulting says:"When we set up the company in 1999 we wanted a short title so we registered But as it turned out was registered (and still is) by another company who operated in a similar space to us. We found there was too much scope for confusion so we used ever since. However the advent of the new TLD gave us a perfect opportunity to use something simpler, unique and more descriptive."

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