April 2015: New domain endings


Another month and more new domain endings to be released. Apart from learning about new domain extensions you will also find out where to go if there are no hotel rooms in Tokyo, and where to go for fantastic asparagus. Enjoy! These new domain endings go live in April: 1st April: .Osaka 7th April: .Flowers 7th April: .Alsace 8th April: .Wedding 15th April: .Garden 15th April: .Fashion 21st April: .Poker 29th April: .Fit Did you miss the March launches, then read about them here. Below you can read more extensively about each one of the new endings.


Osaka is a Japanese city, which has the unofficial tag line "When You Can’t Get a Hotel in Kyoto". But Osaka is much more than that. 2.6m foreign tourists visit the city each year, so local services can really brand their business with a .osaka. It's a lot more descriptive than a .com or .jp. We've already seen how popular the dot city domain endings are. has just covered .nyc, which grows with 12.000 new registrations monthly! Another one, .Berlin has just celebrated their one year anniversary passing 150.000 registrations. Local businesses dig the new option, and users trust a local website. If you're a local business, then you should seriously consider using a dot city top level domain. Check thuis dot city infographic to see all options available. A 1 year registration costs EUR 60. There are no requirements.


.Florist came out last year. I like .flowers better, because who would search for a florist? I want to buy flowers - not find a florist. The price is EUR 40 for a 1 year registration.


Alsace is the second richest of the 27 regions in France situated in the North East bordering to Germany. Strassbourg is the capital. There are no requirements for a .Alsace, so you don't have to be located in the region. The price is EUR 75 for a 1 year registration, however there is a list of premium domains reserved by the Registry priced between EUR 100-2000. They are mostly in the real estate business. Renewal of premium domains will have the standard renewal fee. IDN (special characters) is not possible, e.g. sé So who could benefit from a .alsace? If you're involved in local tourism or other local services, then a .alsace will both affiliate you with the region, when you promote your services, and it's great when ranking in Google. Creating a local directory (e.g. for hotels, restaurants or shops) using a .alsace is a great way to use it. Another way is to attach your brand to local events or attractions. Creating an informative website such as or could be very useful to drive visitors to your main website, if you are in the tourism industry, rent out bikes or are involved in setting up festivals in the region. Cyclomundo gets it. They created a list of bike tours in Alsace.

However I'm sure you can do much better ;). Benjamin Louis from dotAlsace confirms that 560 domains were registered in the Sunrise phase, "and we can observe that the biggest part of our registrants are: local companies and brands, then public administrations (towns and villages) and several national and international brands who want to protect their brand or disclose to their Alsatian customers with a specific domain name". When asked about who uses .alsace, he has a nice example: "In a few days opens the asparagus season! Alsace is a big producer known and recognized, the asparagus growers union of Alsace has decided to move its website (April 15) to .alsace. This is an important approach to visibility, protection of their terroir and identification of quality local production. All Alsace Asparagus sold in France will have on their labels."


There are only 200 .wed registrations. .Wedding will do much better, since the registration rules of .wed were horrendous, and wedding is the more natural term. The wedding industry is HUGE. Alone in the US there are 2.5m weddings annually -That's one wedding every 8 seconds! USD 40bn are generated annually by wedding planners, designers, flower suppliers, hotels, venues and diamond sales people. Use a .wedding for that part of your website, which is about weddings. On a website filled with info a company such as Interflora could create a special subsite or simply use the domain name as a digital sign to that specific flower section. In an overcrowded place such as Google, companies in the industry can stand out by creating an ultimative guide, and use a .wedding to promote it. Tons of questions are asked, and you should share your expertise and put a .wedding at the end.


I live in the middle of the city on the fifth floor, so I can't say I'm part of the booming garden world. However, this is an enthusiastic crowd. US households actually spend USD 30bn per year on their lawns and gardens. Hardware stores, home centers and mass merchants should consider .garden for their "how to" websites. Will you associate your brand with tips on how to create a vegetable garden, how to garden for beginners or how to plant flowers in your garden, then .garden is the domain ending.


It's a busy month for Minds+Machines, as they are also the registry behind .wedding, .fit and .garden. The fashion industry is a huge industry with many players. An upcoming brand should consider a .fashion as an alternative to a ccTLD or .com.


This is my favourite launch of the month. Why? It's short, descriptive and THE term for a whole industry. Most great .com domains are taken, when you search for a poker related domain name. The slate has just been erased. General gambling companies such as Ladbrokes or William Hill can use a .poker to drive visitors directly to their poker section. How to guides can now use a descriptive .poker domain name. Clumsy domains such as can get, and can cut off four characters for a razor sharp


More than 5.000 .fitness domains were registered when released in 2014. .Fit is shorter and an alternative to com in the fitness industry.

These domain endings are currently in Sunrise

Apart from the ones above the following domain endings have entered or will enter Sunrise in April and will go live in the months to come. Sunrise is the initial phase for trademark holders, who have registered their trademark at the Trademark Clearinghouse. .Lat .Sale .Video .Design .Adult .Porn .One .Tennis .Chat .Style .Bingo .College .Apartments .Ong .Ngo .Irish .School .Football .Casino .Sucks (read our feature, why brands should boycott this ending) .Amsterdam

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