8-15 Dec.: This week’s new gTLD launches


Six new top level domains go live this week. Especially two of them will have a very bright future in my opinion. The six are: .immo .pizza .business .network .software and .auction. Let's have a look at some of them.

Immo Domain Example

.Immo is short for immobiliën (Dutch), immobilier (French) and Immobilium (Many East European countries), which means real estate / property. Many real estate agents use immo as part of their web address as An example is Charles Loftie Immobilier, a real estate agent in Dordogne, France, who uses the web address, where will be a much better alternative. Secondly .immo is interesting for local real estate agents. Charles could benefit from securing as well. .Pizza is one of the top level domain which I think will be a monster. It is the category domain, works in any language and pizzerias are investing in online strategies now. It's a very fragmented business, which means that there is a potentially large customer group for .pizza. In the US alone 40% of the 80.000 pizzerias are independent. If I was in charge of a local pizzeria I would definitely go for .pizza geo domains of my area. .Auction is a truly interesting extension as well. Online auctions have so many advantages over traditional auctions; Broader selection, trading at all hours, reach buyers worldwide and build up even more excitement than traditional auctions. As with most other businesses auctions are moving online. At the same time normal retail businesses can create new sales channel, where .Auction is a great "road sign". The other three top level domains to go live this week are .business, .network and .software. If your business use these terms in your domain name (e.g., you should definitely secure There is no need to rebrand right now, but when you do one day, you want to make sure that you own the domain name.

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