28 July: Four new domain extensions out this week


Four new domain extensions can be registered by everyone this week. After an initial Sunrise period for trademark holders and the Landrush period it's finally time. By the way you can still participate in the Landrush, as it runs until Wednesday the 30th at 15h CET. So here are the four new top level domains out on 30 July: .toys .reisen .university .town Check if your domain name is available here.

Who are the new domain extensions for?

Here is some inspiration:

.TOYS There are some interesting possibilities for brands and businesses. For .toys please notice that ToysRUs paid no less than USD 5.1M in 2009 for Why did they pay so much? Because it was THE category domain name. This indicates how much value the .toys domains have. European online sales of toys reached EUR 1.7 bn in Europe and EUR 1.4 bn in the US in 2011. Since then the numbers are growing even more, and it's estimated that 2/5 of all toys sales are online today. The .toys have global recognition for any brand in this area.


.Reisen means travel in German. It is released few weeks before .reise. Germans travel a lot! Germans spend around EUR 80 bn annually to travel abroad, which is a record for any country. Germany also has the eighth largest inbound tourist trade, with receipts of around EUR 24 bn. When the French .voyage came out we only saw around 3.000 registrations, however this is also an indication that this is a domain extension restricted to the travel industry. While traditional players like can communicate better with this also give opportunities for smaller players. While geographic terms are either blocked such as or sold at a premium price such as, you could get domain names describing types of travelling. E.g. or Suggestion sites for travels such as are also great domain names.


.University is unrestricted. This is great news for all those universities which have banged their head against the wall for years trying to get a .edu. While it's a long top level domain as a university you can surely stand out from the rest of similar names. École Normale Superieure, Paris (ENS Paris) is a top 30 university worldwide using the domain name useful in France, they could use for their English website targetted at international students.


.town is a great domain extension for word plays.

Here you go:


...... I love scrabblefinder.

It is furthermore a great domain for rebranding. There are some rather "aesthetically challenging" web addresses out there, who would do well with a 2.0 rebranding.

Here are some:

  • .....
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