21-27 July: Which new domain extensions go live


Pheewww.... No summer holiday for anyone in the domain name industry. Yes, .moe is out this week, however it's not the one from the Simpsons. A moe is an expression from the Japanese anime geek culture. Here are the releases in this week from 21-27 July. All below can be ordered now, and we will submit them, when the window opens.


These go live this week: .tokyo .associates .voting .kaufen .consulting .moe .lease .media .pictures

Please note that until Wednesday at 15h CET you can get early access to all (except .moe and .tokyo). Contact us for prices.

Landrush phase

The following have entered Landrush, meaning that they can be acquired at a higher price than the go live:

  • .Haus
  • .Reisen
  • .Town
  • .University
  • .Toys
  • .Hiv

Sunrise phase

In the Sunrise phase for trademark holders there are three new domain extensions. If you have a trademark, then you need to register it at the Trademark Clearinghouse to become eligible.

I think that especially .tokyo is interesting, given that .berlin and .london have had a lot of demand. .Toys also seems to have value. There is a reason why ToysRUs bought for a staggering USD 5.1M in 2009. They must feel a bit annoyed having to share the name space with this new extension. .Toys is very descriptive. Imagine that you sell toy trains. communicates so much better than or Also if your brand is similar to someone else's in a different industry, then it's a great way to stand out. You can use this domain search tool to check for availability.

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