10 new gTLDs go live in week 18


New gTLDs are buzzing like never before

Yesterday we saw two big launches, which surpassed Day 1 og .guru - the most succesful new gTLD to date. 10 new gTLDs are out this week - Week 18 2014. I will list them here and explain if they are hot or not. At the end you can see our pick of the week: .AGENCY Many businesses call themselves an agency - not a company; digital agency, artists agency, social media agency etc. This a good indication that this top level domain will be used. Imagine a newly started social media agency in 2010. It is hard to find a decent .com domain name. I think many will rebrand from a .net, .biz or a clumsy .com domain to something a bit sharper. .BARGAINS Bargain hunters are everywhere - and especially on the internet. This top level domain is the basis of a great keyword domain that says it all. .bargain would be better, however this is not bad as a promotion domain name, or that extra help for SEO's out there trying to get ranked. Doesn't seem apt for brands though. I would go for .codes instead. .BOUTIQUE A boutique is a small elite shopping outlet in Paris, which have spread worldwide. It's just too difficult to spell. Maybe the French will use it. But I don't see much demand for this top level domain. .CHEAP In the same category as .bargains, but shorter and more popular. Great for keyword domains in any niche. .ZONE We've actually got quite some order for .zone, so I expect this to go well. You can get very creative with this one. .在线 Came out yesterday. It means online in simplied Chinese. 33.000 registrations in just under an hour beating the .guru record. I'm a fan boy of any Chinese IDN, and this one will be huge as well. .中文网 Also came our yesterday. It means website. 17.000 registrations yesterday. .WED This one is funny. Aimed at the Anglo American market, you can register a .wed for 1 year, and then you have to let it go (you can replace it with a, if you want to keep the website. It is used for wedding sites such as The wedding industry is huge, so I think the potential is clearly there. Anyway a great top level domain, if you are getting married. .KIWI This New Zealand domain name is coming out tomorrow. DotKiwi has done an extremely good job of promoting .kiwi, and it will be interesting to see the local interest in this top level domain..BUILD A top level domain both for the creative and the building industry. Our pick of the week .cheap looks very interesting. Price is such an important parameter for any web shop. It's short and sweet, and some great keyword domains can come out of it.

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