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Iran, Islamic Republic of
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There are certain differences between Persian and Arabic letters and numerals; these have been taken into account. Arabic versions are automatically converted into Persian when you apply for a domain. In order to help users with non-standard keyboard, protect against abuse, and bolster security, up to five additional domains that can be confusingly similar (homographs) to the requested domains are also automatically assigned to the applicant. These together with the standard domain constitute the ‘bundle’ of up to six variants.The only allowable characters are those in Table 1, Table 2, and Table 3. No other characters are allowed. Thus Latin alphabet, punctuation marks (other than hyphen-minus), pronunciation marks (such as TANVIN and SOKUN), and Unicode control characters (except for zero-width-non-joiner and zero-width-joiner) are not allowed in Persian domains.A Persian domain should begin and end with a letter (letters are designated along with their type in Table 1). Numbers and other characters can be used inside a domain but not at the extremities. Thus purely numerical domains are not allowed.As Persian characters are converted into ASCII, and ASCII labels in domain length are limited to 63 characters, a character-length of approximately 30 needs to be observed for Persian domains.

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